This list of cast members is consolidated from the programs and phone lists we have found so far. We look forward to hearing from you, to complete this listing further. In particular - we do not yet have any information on the cast of Junior Sing Out Dubuque.

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Years are indicated by school years.
71 means "Class of 71", from summer of 70 to summer of 71.
SOD = Sing Out Dubuque, JSO = Junior Sing Out
? indicates the person may have been active before/after that year.

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Name Year(s) Activities
Julie Augustine SOD-?70  
DeLee Banwarth SOD-?70  
Pat Bethea SOD-?70  
Dave Beyer SOD-72?  
> Robert W Blok SOD-71-73 Bass Guitar
Bob Boal SOD-71-72 Voice Contributor, Business Manager, Choreographer, Group Relations
Steve Bowerman SOD-?70-71  
Cyndi Brade SOD-72?  
Pat Brannon SOD-?70-72 Director, Voice Contributor, Saxaphone, Soloist, Piano
> Dave Brauhn SOD-67-78 JSO-67-78 JSO Director, Action Council, Speaker, Soloist, Guitar
Greg Brauhn SOD-72 Lighting
Nancy Brauhn SOD-?69-72? Choreographer, Percussion
Kathy Brokish SOD-71  
Gary Brown SOD-71-72? Voice Contributor
> Jenn Burleton SOD-72-73 Director
Debbie Busch SOD-72?  
Jim Carroll SOD-71 Lighting
Bill Conzett SOD-?70-72 Adult Volunteer
Trish Corken SOD-?69-70 Voice Contributor
> Jon Curtis SOD-70-72 Director, Trumpet, Band Director, Sound, Soloist, Speaker
Leah Deaner SOD-?70-71  
Pam Doerr SOD-?70-72 Soloist
Brad Dohrer SOD-?70-72 Group Relations, Soloist
> Jan (Dolson) Casebolt JSO-68  
Jan Dolter SOD-71-72? Soloist
> Bob Donner SOD-?69-72 Chairman, Vice Chairman, Lighting, Speaker
> Peg Donner SOD-?69-72 Voice Editor, Group Relations, Speaker
Dave Doyle SOD-?70 Action Council
Mark Doyle SOD-72?  
Lonnie Drake SOD-71-72?  
Pam Droessler SOD-72?  
Diane Duggan SOD-?70  
Peggy Erschen SOD-70  
Jim Fergeson SOD-?70-71 Voice Contributor
Chuck Frith SOD-?70-71  
Hunter Fuerste SOD-70 Trombone
Paula Gieseman SOD-?70 Action Council
John Graf SOD-?70-72 Trombone, Soloist
Debbie Grant SOD-71  
Larry Grant SOD-?70-72?  
Dan Gross SOD-72?  
Marlene Hall SOD-71  
Scott Hansen SOD-70  
Julie Hauber SOD-71  
> Paul Healey SOD-72-73 Drums
Fred Hedley SOD-71  
Dave Heer SOD-72?  
> Joel Heer SOD-71-72  
Joni Hubbard SOD-71  
John Huekels SOD-72?  
Hiroaki Inoue SOD-72  
Steve Jacobs SOD-71-72  
Cheryl Johns SOD-?70-72 Voice Editor
Betty Kemler SOD-70  
Bonnie Kemler SOD-70  
Kerry Keohen SOD-?70 Voice Editor
Chris Knutson SOD-?70  
Linda Koster SOD-?70-72? Secretary
> Steve Kowalske SOD-72? Trumpet
Deb Kringle SOD-?70  
Bill Kurt SOD-71  
+ Bill LeMay SOD-69-72 Drums, Director, Band Director, Soloist
Vickie Leubka SOD-71-72 JSO-71 JSO Assistant
Linda Loos SOD-70  
Sherry Markham SOD-72?  
Vickie Martelle SOD-71-72  
Mike Masseys SOD-?69-71 Chairman, Guitar
Maggie McCarten SOD-72?  
Kitzie McDonald SOD-?70-71  
Dan McMenamin SOD-72? Guitar, Soloist
Fred Medley SOD-71  
Becky Mennig SOD-72?  
Jody Merhl SOD-?70-71 Voice Contributor
Cathy Meyer SOD-?70 Voice Contributor
Dennis Meyer SOD-?70-72? Chairman, Soloist
Sandy Miller SOD-?70  
Connie Nebel SOD-?70-72 Action Council, Voice Contributor
Jeff Nebel SOD-?70-72? Sound
Deb Neenan SOD-?70  
Deb Northrup SOD-?70-71  
Mark Oberfoell SOD-71 Banjo
> Mary (O'Neal) Kershner JSO-69-70 SOD-70-71  
Jolene Palm SOD-71-72?  
> Mike Papenthien SOD-67-69 Drummer
Jay Pattee SOD-72 Bass Guitar
Dominic Paulin SOD-72 Soloist
> Laurie (Pautsch) Klosterboer SOD-69-71 Soloist, Secretary, Phone Head, Lighting, Speaker
Donna Pheiler SOD-72?  
Lynn Preston SOD-71-72? Public Relations, Soloist
Sally Quade SOD-70  
Sue Quade SOD-?70-71  
Kathy Reiter SOD-?70  
Mike Rice SOD-?70  
John Richardson SOD-71-72?  
Sue Reidel SOD-?69-72? Adult Volunteer - Recreation Department
Paul Riedl SOD-72 Soloist
Nancy Roeder SOD-?70  
Tim Rogers SOD-72 Director, Soloist
Jan Rokusek SOD-72? Costumes
Jeri Rokusek SOD-71-72? Soloist
Donna Rueter SOD-71-72? Soloist
Mary Runde SOD-70  
Kelly Rupp SOD-72? Trumpet
Kevin Ryan SOD-?70-71 Guitar
Ray Schiurba SOD-72  
Barb Schlickman SOD-?70-72 Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Voice Contributor
Londa Schuller SOD-?70-72? Business Manager
Ken Schumacher SOD-?70-71  
Jim Schwartz SOD-?70-71  
Kathy Sear SOD-71-72? Soloist
Rita Senn SOD-?70-72? Soloist, Speaker
Rose Senn SOD-?70-72? JSO-71 Public Relations, JSO Assistant
+ John Shifflett SOD-?70-72 Bass Guitar, Piano, Band Director, Soloist, Composer
Peter Shifflett SOD-?70-72 Trumpet, Director
Maurna Sindaier SOD-70  
Mary Sitzman SOD-70  
Diane Spautz SOD-?70  
> Kathy (Hamel) Spoerle SOD-72-75  
Liz Spofford SOD-71  
Sherrie Steve SOD-?70-71  
Bernie Studelska SOD-71-72? Choreographer
Patty Studier SOD-71-72?  
Sandy Suchanek SOD-71  
Mary Teeling SOD-?70-71  
Sue Teeling SOD-71  
Debbie Theisen SOD-71-72? Group Relations, Choreographer, Soloist
Mary Lou Thibadeau SOD-71-72?  
Barb Thomas SOD-71  
Mary Tierney SOD-?69-70 Director, Soloist
Allan Tigges SOD-72?  
Cathy Tigges Kane SOD-?69-72 Secretary, Soloist
Nancy Tigges SOD-72?  
> Paula (Toepel) Opatrny SOD-70-72 Treasurer
Sally Tropf SOD-?70-72?  
Sandy Tropf SOD-71-72?  
Michele Turner SOD-71 Voice Contributor
Trish Uhl SOD-?69-71 Director, Soloist
Peg Urshen SOD-?70  
Dennis VanCleve SOD-70  
> Roel Verstraeten SOD-72  
Rose Vosberg SOD-71-72? Soloist
Sue Wall SOD-?70  
Jane Walsh SOD-?70 Action Council
Rhonda Welsh SOD-71 Lighting
Vickie Welty SOD-71  
Sue Westhoff SOD-71-72? Soloist
Mary Sue Wilkinson SOD-?70  
Paula Yakish SOD-?70