Local Sing Outs, like Dubuque, were started by Up With People and their predecessors Sing Out's 1965 and 1966. Our relationship was close for years as the National Casts supported the local groups. So close, that in 1970 we were allowed to plug our tape recorder directly into the National's sound system to record one of their shows.

But starting in 1971 that changed rapidly. The National Up With People organization decided they could no longer support the local groups and began requesting that we stop using their name and even begin paying royalties, or stop using their music.

Several local Sing Outs from across the country began an effort to create a new national organization for themselves. The organization was headed by the National Sing Out Action Council, and over the next several years held meetings, conferences, and even some shows made up of members from across the nation. Sing Out Dubuque was one of the key supporters of this new movement.

This page contains articals and other information gathered during that period.