July 11, 2013
Eagle Point Park, Dubuque Iowa, 5:00 pm
Posted by: Joel Heer

The Invitation:
I was in Sing Out for a while, lots of good times, in the early 70's. We had a foreign exchange student, Roel Verstraten, in the group, you may recall, back then. He will be back in DBQ the second week in July to visit his host family, the Herrigs. I thought it might be a good excuse to see who could get together for a visit at Eagle Point Park, on Thursday July 11th.

The Report:
Just thought I would let everyone know how our little Reunion went yesterday........ considering it was such short notice, we had a nice little group. The most notable discussion was about having another in the future, and getting the word out sooner. This one was set up quickly when I heard Roel Verstraeten was going to be in DBQ for a few days.

In attendance:
Jack Huekels, Patty Studier (Mrs. Jack Huekels), Steve Kowalski, Bernie Studelska, Jolene Palm, John Richardson, Mark Doyle, Joel Heer, Tim Heer, Roel Verstraeten and his wife, son, daughter, and various Herrigs, his host family when he was in DBQ.

Rob Blok, Steve Jacobs, Pat Brannon, were just a few of those who could not change previous plans for the evening.

John Richardson had a GREAT collection of prints taken by a professional photographer at a Clarke Show. Also, a poster, some programs, the University of Dubuque paper with a couple photos/story about the Sing Out Conference hosted by the Dubuque cast.

It refreshes the memory to hear of other memories, we all agreed. We spent some time remembering, talking of those of the cast who are not with us anymore........ but will live on in our collective memories.

We talked of making copies of the John's photos available to all, and will keep you posted on that. We will also spread the word about the website and facebook page....